Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was sort of playing around on photoshop and just really liked the sketch effect. I don't know I guess I used it to give an ordinary scene a new twist?

There's not much to explain, just a line of oragami figures at Fong's.


So the new flickr assignment was to photograph organic geometric. The example was a women, the organic component, sitting in a window of a urban building, the geometric component. Although I didn't take this picture for this assignment, I realized that I could use it for the assignment due to the organic nature of the leaves hanging around the geometric window/building.


When I took this pic, I was down town trying to find a car moving fast enough because I wasn't sure on how to make the shutter speed slower considering it was my girlfriends camera. When that wasn't working, I tried moving the camera with the direction of the car and found out that it gave it a really cool light-blurring effect so this is was I got.

Monday, October 6, 2008


This is my first night photo. I used the fireworks setting on my digital at the roundabout in town and used different angles with my camera to give it the circular motion. When I uploaded the pics I turned up the saturation and the contrast which made the colors more vivid and also burned the lower left corner to make it a pure black.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Artist Emulation

This is one of Brian Fick's photos that I found on his site. The thing that I like about this artist is that his main focus is skateboarding photography, but he doesn't limit it to that. This photo is of a stair case going up, but also incorporates the intense shadows from each step and the railing too which adds a great sense of movement and contrast. The other thing that i really like about this photo is that the shadows aren't all in focus, because if you look closely the shadows kind of blur as they get further away from the stairs.

This photo is by an action sports photographer known as Andy Wright. As I was looking through one of my snowboarding magazines, one of his photos really caught my attention and I've heard of him before so i hopped on my computer and did a little research. I found one of his sites and really liked this photo because the main subject is in the upper third but he also used the angle of the rail to lead your eye right to the focal point which really helps the photos composition.

This is a photo done by Scott Serfas. I found a photo by him while looking through one of my snowboarding magazines again and really liked it so i decided to research him. I thought he was an action sports photographer only, but his site has photos of people, environments, and travel as well as his skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. The reason why i chose this photo was because i really enjoy the warm color tone as well as the compositional setup. He did a good job of placing the focal point off center but used line to create movement to lead my eye to the upper right part of the photo.