Friday, November 14, 2008

Equivalence Series- Feelings, Thoughts, and Interests.

I just want to kind of explain a little. The following photos make up my series and they all tie together because they all represent my interests, feelings, or thoughts and I think that I did a good job of using creative ideas in a non-cliche way. Enjoy!

This is my final of the series, and for it i tried incorperating one of my hobbies, rather then a feeling. For those of you who know me, you know that music is pretty much the other half of my life (aside from art) so I tend to incorperate it within my art. I always love sitting down and finding tabs to my favorite songs and just detatching from life to sort of go into my own little world and learning whatever song I find. Also, instead of using a typical angle of the guitar, I used a macro shot because I feel that they make you closer to the subject to get more detail and sort of understand it more in a way.

For this photo, I tried capturing the feeling of lonliness, but not in a cliche way. When I was thinking about this photo, I really wanted to set it up to have one feeling, but not let it resemble that feeling without having to really think about it which in my opinion I feel I did a great job doing (if that makes sense haha). I emptied out the fridge but purposely left two items in, which resembled how every time I feel empy, I always think about at least one or two things that I can think of to help get me by. Also, I love taking night photos because you really have to think about lighting, and I really like how I used something people would never think about using for a light source, it gave a really cool effect.

So yea this is my second photo of the series. When we were over at a friends house, we discovered a magnifying rectangular something-or-other? Although we were using it to make some funny pictures, I realized that it was actually a very good component for my idea. This picture is symbolizing how I'm more of a creative person, and like to take a closer look at things to really get into detail and understand them more instead of just skimming the surface. I didn't like the background of the photo, so I ended up burning it out, which made the figure more of a focal point and gave it a more interesting view. Also, I think that burning out the background really made the detail and colors in the figure pop. I ended up turning up the saturation a little bit to give more warm, intense colors and liked the outcome.

This is the first of my series. I was thinking of all of the feelings, emotions, or thoughts that have to do with me, and got a little tied up with it which ended up helping me greatly because it lead to this photo. This photo symbolizes how alot of the time I think about things way to hard, and end up getting very twisted up or stuck on things, so that's why I set up the figure entangled in the tree. Also, I realized that this wasn't quite the happiest feeling I get, so I desaturated it a little bit to give it a colder effect.

Crazy Night Photos.

Once again, same model. I figure that this is a "poisonous" theme with the whole lights thing, so what better way to show poison then a cigarette. I really like the lighting that I was able to capture because it showed very select highlights on his face/shoulder. In a way this feels ironic to me because it's almost like he's looking at himself being poisoned because of the cigarette?

This is definitely my favorite of the three. I titled this one "2012" because everyone knows the story behind the end of the world in the year 2012. The reason why I chose to do this is because I believe that conspiracies like this are really fun to think about, and each person gets their own interpretation of it, so this is mine. I wanted to set this up to make it look like the lights were a plague poisoning him, so that's why he is wearing the mask.

This picture isn't quite as symbolic, but I tried using a different lighting method, and feel it was a very strong idea. I set my camera on the fireworks setting, with only a 5 second exposure (I think?) and just held a flash light on his face, which made a great focal point, but also added a really cool lighting effect to the rest of his body without being distracting.