Tuesday, January 27, 2009

FInal Series: A Stroll Through the Park

For my final series, I thought about what I wanted to capture, and decided on a series of urban photographs. The reason why I chose urban is because ever since I became a photographer, big cities like Milwaukee or Chicago have always intrigued me to a point where no other subject could. No matter where you are in a bigger city, every scene is photographic with the right angle. Even if your just walking down the main street or in a back alley, there’s unlimited possibilities which is what interests me most. I wasn’t sure on what style or approach I wanted; I just knew I wanted to have an urban theme. At first I thought about doing a series of panoramic photos, but then ended up taking single photos and cropping them in long, skinny ways because I think it makes the viewer use their imagination more to sort of paint the rest of the picture.

Monday, January 19, 2009

okay so i did 5 of the same view of over the shoulder. the theme is getting ready in the morning?

putting your shoes on.

getting dressed.

brushing your teeth. beefcake.

getting out of the shower.

the first step of waking up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i'm advertising goggles. basic setup and the medals are just to show that champions wear those goggles. yea.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I took this photo on a secret photoshoot cause I'm not really sure we were allowed to be there but oh well were photo rebels! haha yea I like the compositional setup of the figures they kinda lead your eye through the photo. nothing really special, just kinda playing around and trying new things!
This is my favorite of the two. I took one of my other photos and made it black and white obviously, but I played around with each channel and made some adjustments and came out with this. I really like the contrast and value.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There's really no reason behind this, Ashley and Caitlin were just standing in the window and they both had the "winter colors" that Mooney wanted, so here it is!
This is one of my favorites. I was driving down the back roads just to find some cool stuff to photograph, and this little shed thing (you can kinda see it in the background) was just chillin there so I was like hey! ha and I used a technique from the way cool field trip to frame in your subject using the environment around you to complete this. yea?

To tell you the truth, I have no idea where this is. Once again we were just driving and this whole like factory building thing was in the middle of nowhere so we took an adventure. I really like the composition of this one plus it really gives you the winter feel. Plus I kinda like the yellow contrasting from the dark dreary background.

Not much to explain, just one of the brighter sides to winter; warming up with some hot coco :) actually it was some gross soy drink from starbucks but you get the idea!

This is my favorite fa showww. I was looking at some pictures online and I don't remember the photographer but he took pictures very similar to this. It's a really basic composition, yet it still captures my attention. Plus I like the extremely simple color tones.

This one works best for the whole winter color tone due to the blue of her jacket and the blue/purple paint on the wall. Once again really basic composition and i like how the blue on the wall balances out the saturated blue of her jacket. Plus those glasses really "add" to the picture I'm not sure why, but I like them haha.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Equivalence Series- Feelings, Thoughts, and Interests.

I just want to kind of explain a little. The following photos make up my series and they all tie together because they all represent my interests, feelings, or thoughts and I think that I did a good job of using creative ideas in a non-cliche way. Enjoy!

This is my final of the series, and for it i tried incorperating one of my hobbies, rather then a feeling. For those of you who know me, you know that music is pretty much the other half of my life (aside from art) so I tend to incorperate it within my art. I always love sitting down and finding tabs to my favorite songs and just detatching from life to sort of go into my own little world and learning whatever song I find. Also, instead of using a typical angle of the guitar, I used a macro shot because I feel that they make you closer to the subject to get more detail and sort of understand it more in a way.

For this photo, I tried capturing the feeling of lonliness, but not in a cliche way. When I was thinking about this photo, I really wanted to set it up to have one feeling, but not let it resemble that feeling without having to really think about it which in my opinion I feel I did a great job doing (if that makes sense haha). I emptied out the fridge but purposely left two items in, which resembled how every time I feel empy, I always think about at least one or two things that I can think of to help get me by. Also, I love taking night photos because you really have to think about lighting, and I really like how I used something people would never think about using for a light source, it gave a really cool effect.

So yea this is my second photo of the series. When we were over at a friends house, we discovered a magnifying rectangular something-or-other? Although we were using it to make some funny pictures, I realized that it was actually a very good component for my idea. This picture is symbolizing how I'm more of a creative person, and like to take a closer look at things to really get into detail and understand them more instead of just skimming the surface. I didn't like the background of the photo, so I ended up burning it out, which made the figure more of a focal point and gave it a more interesting view. Also, I think that burning out the background really made the detail and colors in the figure pop. I ended up turning up the saturation a little bit to give more warm, intense colors and liked the outcome.

This is the first of my series. I was thinking of all of the feelings, emotions, or thoughts that have to do with me, and got a little tied up with it which ended up helping me greatly because it lead to this photo. This photo symbolizes how alot of the time I think about things way to hard, and end up getting very twisted up or stuck on things, so that's why I set up the figure entangled in the tree. Also, I realized that this wasn't quite the happiest feeling I get, so I desaturated it a little bit to give it a colder effect.