Tuesday, January 27, 2009

FInal Series: A Stroll Through the Park

For my final series, I thought about what I wanted to capture, and decided on a series of urban photographs. The reason why I chose urban is because ever since I became a photographer, big cities like Milwaukee or Chicago have always intrigued me to a point where no other subject could. No matter where you are in a bigger city, every scene is photographic with the right angle. Even if your just walking down the main street or in a back alley, there’s unlimited possibilities which is what interests me most. I wasn’t sure on what style or approach I wanted; I just knew I wanted to have an urban theme. At first I thought about doing a series of panoramic photos, but then ended up taking single photos and cropping them in long, skinny ways because I think it makes the viewer use their imagination more to sort of paint the rest of the picture.

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