Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There's really no reason behind this, Ashley and Caitlin were just standing in the window and they both had the "winter colors" that Mooney wanted, so here it is!
This is one of my favorites. I was driving down the back roads just to find some cool stuff to photograph, and this little shed thing (you can kinda see it in the background) was just chillin there so I was like hey! ha and I used a technique from the way cool field trip to frame in your subject using the environment around you to complete this. yea?

To tell you the truth, I have no idea where this is. Once again we were just driving and this whole like factory building thing was in the middle of nowhere so we took an adventure. I really like the composition of this one plus it really gives you the winter feel. Plus I kinda like the yellow contrasting from the dark dreary background.

Not much to explain, just one of the brighter sides to winter; warming up with some hot coco :) actually it was some gross soy drink from starbucks but you get the idea!

This is my favorite fa showww. I was looking at some pictures online and I don't remember the photographer but he took pictures very similar to this. It's a really basic composition, yet it still captures my attention. Plus I like the extremely simple color tones.

This one works best for the whole winter color tone due to the blue of her jacket and the blue/purple paint on the wall. Once again really basic composition and i like how the blue on the wall balances out the saturated blue of her jacket. Plus those glasses really "add" to the picture I'm not sure why, but I like them haha.

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jesi said...

your colors in the first and last ones are really cool, literally. i like how they are kind of purple and are bold and strong.